Qui Sommes Nous

- Capsa Capital Partners is an Asset Management firm that manages private equity funds on behalf a selected group of institutional investors.agréée par le conseil des marchés financiers dédiée à une clientèle d’investisseurs institutionnels. Since its inception by a team of investment bankers, Capsa Capital Partners is dedicated to investing in private companies and asset management on behalf of third parties.

-Our mission is to provide funding and the necessary strategic resources to business managers in order to assist them in the implementation of their development projects, without interfering in the daily management. Our team provides financial and strategic support to companies with strong growth potential.

- When we invest in a company, we are committed to working in partnership and making available our international network and knowledge to contribute actively to its development.

- Our strategy is to support the existing managers and establish a close partnership with the management team. We support management through each step of the investment process and provide as many resources as necessary for successful cohabitation.

- With our team of experienced experts in corporate finance, our staff have complementary profiles, a longstanding experience and a proven track record. Also, thanks to the support of the Banque d’Affaires de Tunisie, Capsa Capital Partners has an outstanding Network of investors and enjoys privileged access to investment opportunities.