Nos Valeurs

- Beyond the financial aspects, we are confident that the private equity is essentially based on a logic of a hands-on partnership, a joint effort with the entrepreneurs we support, which requires shared values ​​and a common vision of the future.

We believe in:

- Integrity:

Fundamental value of our firm coupled with a sense of ethics in respect of mutual commitments of our strategy, Capsa Capital Partners places respect and trust at the heart of its relationships with its various partners.

- Proximity and Partnership: cultivate close and focus on long-term horizon in order to share the same strategic vision of developing our portfolio with our parnters.

- Implication and Engagement:

- More than a shareholder, we considers ourselves as an active partner which acts beside the entrepreneurs. Our implication and Engagement are reflected via our active and continuous support to them in order to share an exciting success story along the investment period. We participate systematically in their boards of directors and their supervisory board.

- In a perspective of sustainable human relationships, our teams and our venture partners bring their expertise to managers in term of technical assistance, management and strategic advisory as well as financial engineering.

- Creativity and proactivity:

- In an environment that is becoming increasingly mitigated, Capsa Capital Partners sets itself apart through its innovative capabilities. Our main principle is to take a bold, responsive approach and act as an entrepreneurial shareholder.

- This entrepreneurial mindset is reflected day-to-day in our proactive approach towards business managers, always with the aim of proposing custom solutions.

- Expertise:

Thanks to the skills of our teams and our venture partners, Capsa Capital Partners combines technical expertise and industry knowledge. Our professionalism ensures rigorous analysis of investment opportunities, strict risk management and profitability enhancement.
- Our principles: loyalty, confidentiality, fairness and transparency towards our investors, and responsibility towards our investee companies.