Nos Fonds

 Beyond the financial aspects, we are confident that the private equity is essentially based on a logic of a hands-on partnership, a joint effort with the entrepreneurs we support, which requires shared values ​​and a common vision of the future.

Année Vintage

-Investing in private SMEs, mainly based in Tunisia
Target : 50 millions TND.
An FCPR Headquartered in Tunisia, reserved for local institutional investors
Minimum investment
10 years extendible to 12 years
Investissement minimum
2 million TND


Target: IRR of 15%
Geographic focus
- Mostly in Tunisia
-With the possibility of financing Cross Border growth operations
- Generalist prioritizing sectors with high potential for growth and development, specifically, clean technologies, TIC, agribusiness,green technologies, renewable energy,offshoring and infrastructure ;
- Build-Up and Capital development operations
Investment monitoring

Establishing a system for monitoring and follow-up based on qualitative and quantitative indicators.

During the holding period, the hands-on management team ensures a regular follow-up as an active shareholder and a continuous search for exist opportunities;
Investment criteria
Direct investment via the Fund or via ad hoc structures created for each individual project when necessary
Investment structuring
Maximum investment per project : 20 % of the fund ;
Maximum investment per sector : 40 % of the fund.