Investissement Responsable

The fund distinguishes between the role of investors and capital providers, and that of managers, in charge of selecting investment opportunities and monitoring realised investments until the Exit.
Investors will be able to closely observe the performance of the fund , through the rigourus reporting system in accordance to International best practices and through their presence within the Supervisory Board that has an important controlling power.

- To reduce the risk of conflict of interest arising, and to prove their confidence and their committment to the project, the team are involved in the capital as well as in the funds under Management.

- Capsa Capital partners has identified a certain number of Extra-financial indicators that will be followed closely and reported regularly to the investors.

- These indicators reflect social aspects (employment , learning & training, education, healthcare programs, etc.), technological aspects (productivity, certification / License, etc.), environmental aspects as well as governance issues.

- Capsa Capital partners issued a list of prohibited activities for the scope of its investment strategy. This list includes specific sectors like weapons, alcohol, tabacco, gambling and pornography, and some activities considered dangerous in terms of environmental risk or associated with undecent employment practices.

- Capsa Capital partners specifies strict guidelines to its management team about environmental aspects. The management team will be required to appoint external experts speciallised in environmental studies to evaluate certain activities or sectors considered sensitive on the environmental level.

- This approach confirms our determination to act as a socially responsible shareholder by incorporating ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) considerations into its management and investment operations, as well as into the day-to-day practices of the company and all of its employees.